Here you will see photographs old and new of Rhandirmwyn and the Upper Tywi valley over the past two centuries. We are very grateful to all who have contributed and for allowing us to share their photographs on this website. If you have an photographs of interest, please let us know or e.mail copies (min 300 dpi) to alun@rhandirmwyn.net or upload via our message pad. http://www.rhandirmwyn.net

Yma mi welwch luniau o Rhandirmwyn a Blaenau Tywi dros y ddwy ganrif ddiwethaf. Rydym yn ddiolchgar iawn i bawb sydd wedi cyfrannu. Os oes gennych luniau diddorol, a fyddech mor garedig a chyswllt a ni, neu anfonwch gopi drwy e.bost (‘300 dpi’ neu fwy) i alun@rhandirmwyn.net neu llwythwch drwy pad negeseuon ar y wefan http://www.rhandirmwyn.net

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